Who We Are

SalesGiant was founded on a simple premise; senior salespeople should be closing, not prospecting. After working with thousands of companies we’ve learned that predictable, scalable growth does not always come from spending more money. Marketing and hiring more salespeople can be incredibly expensive, and neither fix the real issue; an empty sales pipeline.


of companies generating less than 10 new opportunities per month failed to achieve their revenue goals last year


of time should be spent prospecting to effectively sell new business. Actual time spent is less than 5%

What We Do

SalesGiant empowers businesses to predictably and affordably grow by bursting the pipeline seams. We empower business owners to step out from under the cloud of confusion that exists in lead generation. Our team hires, develops, and deploys talented low-cost Business Development Reps to remove the burden of prospecting from your sales team, keep their pipeline full, and let them focus on what they do best close deals.

How We Do It

We get your new BDR up and running in as little as 30 days.

1. Discovery

We start with a Kickoff Call to learn about your business and sales process. We study the company, product, competitors, ideal customers, and understand how you’re winning and losing business.

2. Testing

Your new BDR hits the phones with our newly established strategy in hand. They begin testing and refining the calling script, optimizing the lead database, and building objection handling strategies. In this phase we will also participate in live call collaboration sessions and will begin discussing and building out an effective follow-up strategy.

3. Optimization

Our team at this point nearly has our arms around your campaign. We will continue to look at the data and make refinements to our strategy. We will begin to create workflows that drive efficiency.


Days 1 through 30


Understand who we are working with and lay a foundation for dialing.
  • Study the company, product, its competitors, its market, sales process, ideal customers.
  • Build, test, and refine cold calling script & deliver sample
  • Understand how you're winning and losing business.
  • Secure, test, & scrub leads.
  • Setup Dialer & CRM.
Days 31 through 90


Test & establish a clear working strategy.
  • Begin dialing and live call collaboration.
  • Script refinement.
  • Create objection handling strategies.
  • Optimize & qualify leads database.
Days 91 through 120


Execute & refine.
  • Monitor KPIs and provide continuous feedback to our BDR’s performance.
  • Track conversion rates, analyze sales data & KPIs to align with the sales team.



Expert Sales Coach

Seasoned sales expert who designs, develops and optimizes your strategy while coaching, teaching & training your BDR.


Business Development Rep

Full time sales rep dedicated to removing the prospecting burden from your sales team so they can focus on what they do best; close deals.


Campaign Manager

Responsible for maximizing campaign results, driving efficiency, and providing transparency to your business.

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